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We have monthly Contact Nick events. Visit the Facebook Group for more info.

Questions? Contact Logan Webb via Facebook or email, or use our contact form.

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The link to Noggin is simple this is for Android, iOS, Amazon, who have these devices it is or

We try to have every show in one of our videos as of right now every one is on. There is over 1,000 plus videos.

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Hello Noggin lovers! If you are reading this you are wanting to know about us! We are a campaign for NOGGIN to return to TV. We will soon be adding what Noggin is. We want it back on TV just as it was in 2008 when it left and went to Nick Jr. We are not affiliated with NICKELODEON or its rights, we are just a campaign to bring back Noggin to TV. NOGGIN is an app right now so it is available for iOS and soon to be Android. Please keep up to date with news for the NOGGIN ANDROID app and any news with Noggin in our newsboard. That is what we are about.

Noggin is what used to be Nick Jr. but now it's Nick Jr. instead of Noggin. Want more info? Recommend some things we should add!

We are still looking for some volunteers to help out with a thing or 2 so if you want to help, please go to the contact form and tell us in sentence form why you want to help and how you can help.
We still need:
2 editors
2 ad mangers

We get this question a lot, what do you say when you contact Nick?
So first be polite just to be professional is this type of campaign. Ask for them to tell you the ratings of Nick Jr. If they are high say OK bye. If they are low say well I think according to the app ratings that Noggin would be a better choice because it is the best education for preschooler especially with Moose and Zee.

The link to the Noggin iOS app is,
And the Android is,
And finally Amazon,
That's all the apps so go and get them!

Want to see all the 90s Nick shows listed coming soon to Bring Back Noggin? Well just head over to and check them out!

We have a gofundme set up for 1,000$ so we only have 60 days!

We also have a change . Org petion.

Questions? Please email us at and
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